Martin Hiller - Mother Sun Cheese (Albumcover)

► Martin Hiller – Mother Sun Cheese

After „By The Gony State“, Martin Hiller releases another conceptual work of minimal music full of subtle changes within a steady pulse of wabbling sounds. The new work, „Mother Sun Cheese“ is a 53 minutes album made of five pieces that form a coherent unit. The music presented on this album seems to be repetitive, […]

► Huey Walker – „By The Gony State“ – Album-Trailer #4

The fourth and final Video-Trailer for the new Album „By The Gony State“ by Huey Walker. Paying tribute to the decelerated, boppy feel of the album’s music.

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – By The Gony State (2019)

By The Gony State is the new album by Huey Walker. The four pieces were composed by Martin Hiller using his conceptual method called Transpulsitions.

► Huey Walker – „By The Gony State“ – Album-Trailer #3

After various freeform-oriented doings, boings, bumms and tschaks, Huey Walker presents some strictly systematically composed music on his new album „By The Gony State“. The full-length release with four tracks will be released on 19/09/2019 on Rakkoon Recordings.

► Huey Walker – „By The Gony State“ – Album-Trailer #2

The new album „By The Gony State“ by Huey Walker will be released on 19/09/2019 on Rakkoon Recordings. Huey Walker – By The Gony State The four album-tracks are systematically composed utilizing Huey Walker’s concept of „Transpulsitions“ – an algorithmic routine, that re-organizes, re-positions and re-pitches audio-material, resulting in a steadily changing music, that is […]

Thy Easiness Vol. 1: My Heart Is In My Pocket (Physical Release)

► OUT NOW: Thy Easiness Vol. 1: Huey Walker – My Heart Is In My Pocket

» Thy Easiness « is a Series of Releases of Photographs and Music in a Picture Frame. » Thy Easiness « is an audiovisual Concept – liaising Imagery with Sounds in the Terms of Aleatoricism, Association and Apperception. » Thy Easiness « is Synesthaesia. First Release of the Series is a Tapeloop-Recording by Huey Walker.

Rakkoon Recordings - Various Releases, November 2017

► Rakkoon Recordings announces Release of Label-Catalogue

The new label-design gives our releases the framing sense of unity and cohesiveness we feel within all of these releases. The clear-structured design gives the plain space needed for the audio-visual offerings: the music and the photos, images and graphics. The catalogue-layout merges all records into an aesthetically unified framework

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Oscillations I

OUT NOW: Huey Walker – „Oscillations I“. The CD contains 4 Audio-Recordings from the Installation for three Guitars, a Pendulum and an optional Musician.

► Review-Roundup: Various Words on Blearies by Huey Walker

Seit rund zwei Monaten ist die aktuelle Mini-CD „Blearies“ von Huey Walker nun veröffentlicht. Seither sind einige Rezensionen zusammengekommen, die im Folgenden zusammengefasst und verlinkt werden: ATTN:Magazine Jack Chuter vom ATTN:Magazine aus Bournemouth, England hört und sieht in „Blearies“ unterwassernahe Szenerien und schreibt: „[…] The synthesisers plodding in rhomboid arpeggiations like plankton matter dropping in […]

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Blearies (2015)

Huey Walker – „Blearies“ – Mini-CDr (rot) in Faltcover mit Einleger – limitierte Edition: 20 Stück – Rakkoon Recordings, 2015 – Release Nr.: rakk02n Guitars, Resonances, Synthesizer & Vocals  All Instruments, Photography & Artwork: Martin Hiller Recorded on Thursday, March 19th, 2015. Mini-CDr auf Rakkoon Recordings Huey Walker veröffentlicht mit „Blearies“ seine zweite Mini-CDr. […]

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Dreamsleaves (2014)

Huey Walker has released his new Album. The 2 tracks on Dreamsleaves meander through Fields of glitchy Leftfield-Electronica & ambient Improv-Freewheelin‘.

AMBIELOGUE Chapter I: Sampler on PINmusik by Pretty In Noise

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker and The Splendid Ghetto Pipers on „Ambielogue – Chapter 1“

Today, PINMUSIK – the Netlabel by Pretty In Noise – released the 22-Track-Compilation „Ambielogue – Chapter I“. Ambielogue – Chapter I „Ambielogue – Chapter 1“ features the unreleased Track „Melvin Has A Drawn Grower“ (recorded 2011) by Huey Walker and, besides many more, a tender-grainy, sort of susurrating Drone by The Splendid Ghetto Pipers. Well, […]

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Chaussee, Nachts Ruf by / Cute Obi Corms

In den ersten regnerischen Tagen des launigen Oktobers – vom 1. bis zum 6. – verweilte Huey Walker auf dem Gelände des Kunstvereins Polly Faber. Dort erwerkelte er im Rahmen des „Schaufensterschau“– Kunstprojektes Musik, um sie möglichst zeitnah sofort zu veröffentlichen, sprichwörtlich: rauszukloppen. Resultat ist die Mini-CD „Chaussee, Nachts Ruf“ und ihr Kompagnon „Cute Obi […]