► Huey Walker – „By The Gony State“ – Album-Trailer #4

The fourth and final Video-Trailer for the new Album „By The Gony State“ by Huey Walker. Paying tribute to the decelerated, boppy feel of the album’s music.

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – By The Gony State (2019)

By The Gony State is the new album by Huey Walker. The four pieces were composed by Martin Hiller using his conceptual method called Transpulsitions.

Promotional Photo: Huey Walker - "Ballooons - Installation for Guitars and Balloons"

► Huey Walker spielt „Ballooons“ zur Kulturnacht

Am 07.09.2018 bringt Huey Walker zur Kulturnacht in Greifswald ein weiteres Mal Gitarren mit variablen Impulsgebern zum Klingen. Dieses Mal: Luftballons.

Huey Walker – "fünftausend bimmeln" (Installation View)

► fünftausend bimmeln

„fünftausend bimmeln“ – Installation für 5000 Glöckchen und drei Gitarren „fünftausend bimmeln“ ist eine Installation von Huey Walker für Gitarren und herunterfallende Glöckchen. Aus regelmäßig rotierenden Gefäßen fallen 5000 bunte Glöckchen auf die Saiten von auf dem Boden liegenden Gitarren. Von Fall zu Fall entsteht so, aus mindestens 5000 Tönen, neue Musik. Die so entstehende […]

► Ballooons

Ballooons is an Installation for multiple Guitars and Balloons by Huey Walker. Guitars are brought to Sound by flying, floating and bouncing Balloons, which are set in motion by a ventilator. Huey Walker possibly interacts by inflating and nudging the ballooons.

► Isabella Mamatis, Peter Tucholski, Huey Walker

In August 2018, Huey Walker played and recorded Music with director, actor and radio play author Isabella Mamatis and the Artist Peter Tucholski. During her Art in Residence in Loitz, Isabella Mamatis recorded Music for Piano. Huey Walker worked collaboratively with Guitar, Synth, Harmonica, Music Box, Bowl & Bow, FX. Additionally, Peter Tucholski played his […]

► Mantra Marien – Installation for three Guitars and a rotating Graphit Pencil

Mantra Marien was an audio-visual Installation, shown inside the church of St. Marien, Greifswald in autumn 2017. Three guitars and a rotating paper canvas are fixed vertically on a rectangular furniture. A platelet and a graphit pencil, mounted on a carrier pole, constantly rotate over them – bringing the guitars continuously to sound and drawing endlessly […]

► Oscillations – Installation for three Guitars, a Pendulum and an optional Musician

Oscillations is an Installation for multiple Guitars, a Pendulum and an optional Musician. A motorized Pendulum creates generative Music by circulating over guitars and bringing them to sound. Oscillations – Installation for three Guitars, a Pendulum and an optional Musician A pendulum attached to a string is set in motion by a rotary motor installed […]

► Floops – Concept for multiple Guitars and falling Objects

Floops is a concept for multiple guitars and falling objects, generating aleatoric music in the fields of chances and unevenly looped causalities. Rotating bowls are mounted on a vertical carrier, letting objects fall down through holes. Guitars are placed below. The objects bounce on the guitars, creating percussive, scapy and drony music. Depending on the […]

► Droops – Installation for Guitars and Waterdrops

„Droops“ is an installation for three guitars and waterdrops. The guitars are brought to sound by dripping waterdrops. Huey Walker repours the water, adds effects and occasionally he might play additional instruments like synths or guitar.

► The Kanadagans

The Kanadagans is the band and a collaborative Project of Huey Walker and Bassbees, currently on hiatus. The Kanadagans formerly known as The Splendid Ghetto Pipers Originally founded under the moniker The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, they played various concerts and collaborations on festivals, stages and art spaces. The Kanadagans are a musical Freeform-Drone-Duo from Greifswald […]

Huey Walker - Handwritten Notes for the Concept of Transpulsitions

► Transpulsitions

„Transpulsitions“ is a composing concept by Huey Walker referring to the idea of transforming by re-organizing, re-positioning and re-pitching.

M. Kardinal & The Kanadagans performing "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" live at Spektrum, Berlin

► Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost is a collaborative Live-Performance of M. Kardinal and The Kanadagans – an audio-visual Journey through the invisible Movement of urban Landscapes and their Sounds. On September 9th, 2016 the Work was performed live at Spektrum, Berlin. Sitting in aRoom, opposite each other, a Videoscreen between, The Kanadagans played […]

► Audio-Visual Meditation over Max Pechstein and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

As part of an accompanying program during the exhibiton „ZWEI MÄNNER – EIN MEER: Pechstein und Schmidt-Rottluff an der Ostsee“, an audio-visual work by Huey Walker and Lucas Treise was shown at Pommersches Landesmuseum in Greifswald from March 29th to June 28th in 2015. Inspired by the works of the expressionist painters Max Pechstein and Karl […]

► Conquering Places

In the period from May to June 2014, the interdisceplinary arts project conquering places took place on various locations in Greifswald. On May 17th 2014, The Splendid Ghetto Pipers and Martin Holz played the collaborative performance „living accident“ in the premises of the art space Polly Faber in Greifswald – consisting of Martin Holz performing […]

Huey Walker & Bassbees live at Polly Faber (Photo: Charlie Bernaux)

► Schaufenster-Schau – Art-Project for one Week

As part of the art project „Schaufenster-Schau“, happening for one week in autumn 2012, Huey Walker recorded music in a temporary studio / sound-atelier on the area of the art space „Polly Faber“ in Greifswald. He wrote about these days and the process of music making in a live-blog, supplemented by photographies and work-in-progress-audios and […]

► Abeamsentpets – Semi-Public Recording-Session

On September 16th in 2011, Huey Walker recorded music in the art space „Alte Bäckerei“ in Greifswald. The music was live-streamed in the internet, people were able to look through the window from the outside. „The recordings were meant to be released on an album titled Abeamsentpets, based on a soothing organ-loop i recorded back […]