Utilizing a wide range of artistic means, from music, soundart and audiovisual works to photographies, paintings and writings, Huey Walker plays a fragmented, freeform Jingle-Jangle and carefully crafted Harmonies, based on a Sense of Slowness, Pacing and the Joy of Monotony.

Huey Walker – Freeform Firlefanz & Fripperies

Huey Walker is an artistic moniker of Martin Hiller. He has recorded Music since the late 1990ies and releases Recordings on his Label Rakkoon Recordings. With his musical Projects, he has played on several Stages, Festivals and Art Spaces and collaborated with Artists from various Disciplines.

His Audio-Installations for multiple Guitars and mechanic Techniques, utilizing e.g. Pendulums, Waterdrops and Balloons, incorporate elements of time- and chance-based, generative music.

„Huey Walker is a Traveller through dense Walls of wafting Tones and a Transmitter of well-tempered Noise. He is a sonic Dreamer, sculpturing Sequins of shimmering Sounds – bacchanal and revellling in elegiac Eclecticism. One might call it a joyfully melancholic Freeform Firlefanz.“ (Informational EPK, Rakkoon Recordings)

Blistering Billows of marbling Textures

Martin Hiller - "Ohne Titel (Glunch Poems XI)" (2018 / 10,1 x 14,8 cm)
Martin Hiller – „Ohne Titel (Glunch Poems XI)“ (2018 / 10,1 x 14,8 cm)

The Music of Huey Walker is based on Minimalism with a strong Relation to aleatoric and repetetive Structures. His music incorporates Elements of Lofi-Homerecordings, spectral Processings, Guitar-Maelstroms and synthetised and / or sequenced Elements. Using various Methods from Tapeloops to digital Processings, he builds blistering Billows of marbling Textures and blissful musical Movements with freewheelin‘ Overtones – making his Live-Gigs to joyful freeform Fripperies in the fields of conceptual Aleatoricism and buzzing, emotive Improvisations.

Similar methods, impulses, thoughts and premises can be found in Huey Walker’s non- or not-purely-musical Arts like Drawing, Paintings, Prints and Writings.

He is part of the Group The Kanadagans (formerly known as The Splendid Ghetto Pipers). He is also a founding member of the legendary Dorschleber Dream Collective, which has recorded various freeform-sessions with varying line-ups throughout the past years.

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